5.56mm x 45 NATO Machine Gun

5,56mm x 45 NATO
Firing Mode
Safe/ Full Automatic
Feed Mechanism
Belt fed from left side
Maximum Length (Stock Extended)
1.000 mm
Minimum Length (Stock Collapsed)
900 mm
Ammo Box
235 mm
Barrel Length
16” - 406 mm
Barrel Twist Rate
1:7” - 1:177,8 mm 6 grooves right hand twist
Flash Hider
A2 birdcage
Sight Radius
529 mm
Trigger Pull Weight
35-70 N
Rate of Fire
750 - 950 rpm
900 m/s
Effective Range
600 m (Point target) - 800 m (Area target

Advanced long stroke gas piston system

Suitable for right & left hand shooters with ambidextrous weapon controls

Quick detachable barrel with grip

Iron sights with range adjustment

NATO Accessory Rails (STANAG 4694/M1913 Picatinny Rail)

5 position telescopic adjustable stock

3 position adjustable cheek piece

3 position height adjustable and foldable bipod

Various Cerakote® color options are available

MIL Spec 11595 Cold hammer forged barrel, proprietary heat treat, hard chrome plated ID, manganese phosphate coated OD and polished chamber

Open Bolt System